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Proudly brewed and bottled in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan using high-quality organic ingredients, we use a batch-brewing method to produce our clean, balanced and refreshing kombucha. Unpasteurized, gluten free and vegan, our kombucha is rich in organic acids and enzymes, full of antioxidants with the nutritional benefits of tea. We believe in supporting Saskatchewan growers and producers, proudly using locally-grown fruit and ingredients in our blends.

Our flavours are readily available in glass bottles and stainless steel kegs. 



Warm and spicy ginger with subtle pear and cinnamon notes, this blend is perfect for those who like a little bit of heat in their tummy



Just like eating the real thing but with less mess. Our grapefruit kombucha is sweet, sour and bitter with the perfect amount of refreshing zip



An earthy and herbaceous blend of organic hibiscus tea with raspberry and blueberry notes is rich in antioxidants


MATcha mint lime

Clean, green and lively, our Japanese green tea kombucha is light and refreshing, with the right amount of effervescence



Soft, smooth and aromatic peach flavours are evident in this crowd-fav. Proudly made with organic peaches from Over The Hill Orchards near Lumsden, Saskatchewan